Free WiFi Networks
Free WiFi networks are popping up all over the place. All you need is a WiFi ready device and you can connect any open WiFi networks. Many hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls have free WiFi hotspots that you can connect to. Free WiFi networks don’t usually have any encryption or password. You simply connect to the network and then you have a free WiFi internet connection. Be careful what sites you access on a free open WiFi network. These networks are public and it’s very easy for a company to track and log everything you access while you’re on their network. Don’t visit any sites dealing with banking or other private information that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. These networks are open and they are able to log all traffic going through their free WiFi network.

WiFi Antennas
WiFi antennas are used to send and receive wireless signals between your computer or WiFi device and the WiFi router or switch. Most laptops, tablets, and cell phones have the capabilities to communicate with your WiFi router, which is connected to the internet. If you’re having problems with a weak signal you may want to invest in a good WiFi antenna. For your personal computer you can get actual nic cards with the antenna right on them so you can easily connect to WiFi networks. You can also get large antennas mounted at your facility to increase the range and power of your WiFi network.

WiFi Card
A WiFi card is inserted into a laptop to send and receive data on a WiFi network. Most new laptops already come WiFi enabled, but if you’re looking for a stronger signal or greater range; a WiFi card with an antenna will help you out. You can also get WiFi cards for your PC. WiFi cards connect directly into your PC through a NIC or PCI slot. Another up and coming technology are WiFi SD cards. You can upload photos and videos from your phone directly to the internet with WiFi SD cards. WiFi connections are much faster than the 3G connection you get from your cell phone company. Use a WiFi SD card for faster data transfer directly to the internet.

WiFi Modem
A WiFi modem is used to connect your home wireless network directly to your wired internet connection. Your wired internet connection from your ISP is connected directly to your WiFi modem. So you have the speed of a wired connection sent directly to your WiFi modem from the wired cable or DSL connection in your home. The WiFi modem then transmits your internet signal over the open air for your WiFi enabled devices to connect to. With a WiFi modem your WiFi connection is faster and even more stable than using a wireless router. Often times a laptop or mobile phone is connected to the wifi modem which is connected to the internet via a dialup connection or cell phone.

WiFi Security Camera
WiFi security cameras make it easy to keep an eye on any area you need to keep secure or monitored. You can mount WiFi security cameras any place you could also mount your typical security camera. A WiFi connection allows you to monitor an area from your WiFi ready device. You can secure an area and watch from a PC, smart phone, or tablet. The big advantage of using a wireless security camera is that it needs no wires. Everything is handled over a secure WiFi connection. Your homes WiFi security camera network will keep you safe and secure.

Wireless Repeaters
A wireless repeater takes the signal of one wireless network and converts it into a second wireless network. Wireless repeaters are often used when two connections are out of range from each other. The wireless repeater is used to bring together distant connections to a single new connection. Wireless repeaters are often used when there are no available wifi hotspots or lots of connection interference. Wireless repeaters are also referred to as ranger extenders.